1. GratitudeWe forget about the importance of gratitude when we take things and people for granted. Being loved is one of the best feeling in life so why wouldn't we start to appreciate more our loved ones? Let's just be a little bit more affectionate, patient and grateful.  2. MeditationI can't stress enough how efefctive and good meditation is. Just … Nadaljuj z branjem 9 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER

From Woman To Woman

Feministka Blog: My Inspiration For Starting My Own BlogFeministka - A feminist (in Slovene) What does it mean to be a feminist? The definition of feminist (Cambridge Dictionary) "Then why are you offended when I say I am a feminist?" I have always loved to write. But the inspiration to start my blog came from … Nadaljuj z branjem From Woman To Woman

Women Inspire Women: Aida

Every woman has her own story, let's inspire each other. I want to share with you my new project Tell Me Who You Are: Portraits of Women Who Inspire. I will present my own photos with a message which is written by the woman on the photo. The only rule is that the message must … Nadaljuj z branjem Women Inspire Women: Aida


Each of us wish to be in better shapeLet's exclude the ones, who were born with ability to eat how much they want without getting fat. Ha! Dream thing, isn't it? Especially for individuals, who are gourmets just like me. Imagine eating your favourite food as much as you can, without thinking about the calories. … Nadaljuj z branjem EVERYONE WANTS TO GET FIT


Pomlad je tu in še samo 2 meseca nas ločita do poletja in sezone dopustov. Kako ohraniti lepo postavo in izgubiti tistih par kil, s katerimi že dolgo odlašate? Sledi par nasvetov za vse odločne. ODSTRANI KRUH IZ JEDILNIKA. Moka v kruhu dviguje sladkor v krvi in zapira telo. Če samo zamenjate kruh z lažjimi … Nadaljuj z branjem KAKO SHUJŠATI DO POLETJA?