A remoted island far away from the crazy world. Sandy beaches, picturesque bays and lively nightlife. What more could one wish for? I travelled along the whole Istria and Dalmatia, though Croatian coast always amazes me. My partner and me spent our holidays on Rab this summer. Rab is known as the Happy Island. At … Nadaljuj z branjem RAB ISLAND

Sarajevo: The European Jerusalem

Sarajevo is Not a Typical Tourist Spot. The truth is that I was reluctant to write a blog post about Sarajevo. The reason is that no one really wants to read about war and bombs, we mostly like to read happy stories. No, there is no war anymore, but there are obvious ruins of the … Nadaljuj z branjem Sarajevo: The European Jerusalem

One Of The Coldest Rivers Of The World: NERETVA

As I visited Dalmatia, I got mesmerized by wonderful Neretva river and decided to make a quick research about it. Here I share few amazing facts about Neretva. The river is most known by its emerald green, clean and, in the upper course of the Neretva, completely drinkable water. The largest part of the river goes through Bosnia and Herzegovina … Nadaljuj z branjem One Of The Coldest Rivers Of The World: NERETVA


SUSAK ISLAND I've always liked to travel to Croatia coast. And honestly, year by year, I get more amazed by its natural wonders, lakes, hills and beaches. Although, one place leads the way and it is called Susak. Susak is a small island in the Adriatic sea, full of sandy bays, cliffs and clean shallow … Nadaljuj z branjem SUSAK – A WORLD OF ITS OWN