A Postcard From Rab

There is a sun within every person. -RumiPhotos: mine Cover edit: Canva - (try it. It's really awesome tool for bloggers and also super easy)

Our Vacation

Good afternoon dears! Today I am sending you greetings from the Croatian's seaside town Senj. 💦 Me and my boyfriend Gregor are just chilling on the beach and enjoying our vacations. Hope you're having an awesome weekend too!


Istria - wonderful peninsula in Croatia If you ever visit Croatia, the country of the legendary soccer players, better visit Istria. Peninsula Istria (which is in originally called Histria) stretches to three countries - Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. I visited Croatian part, which is full of natural wonders, beaches and friendly locals. If you take a … Nadaljuj z branjem WHEN IN CROATIA, EXPLORE ISTRIA


Learn some basic words in Croatian - the locals will be even friendlier to you, because they appreciate the foreigners, that learn their language. Make a booking on booking.com on the day you want to get a room or a suite. This choice will be the cheapest for you. Convert your money at exchange bureau … Nadaljuj z branjem TIPS FOR TRAVELLING TO CROATIA


Samo 20€ za nakup poletnih oblačil? Misija opravljena! 🙂 Ja drage, moje prav ste prebrale. Še se da primerno obleči, brez, da bi pri tem porabile pol plače ali celo štipendijo. Le malce je treba možgančke vklopiti in dati oči na peclje. Živimo v časih, ki nam finančno niso najbolj prizanesljivi, zato se moramo velikokrat tudi … Nadaljuj z branjem KAKO SE UREDITI ZA 20€


Each of us wish to be in better shapeLet's exclude the ones, who were born with ability to eat how much they want without getting fat. Ha! Dream thing, isn't it? Especially for individuals, who are gourmets just like me. Imagine eating your favourite food as much as you can, without thinking about the calories. … Nadaljuj z branjem EVERYONE WANTS TO GET FIT