My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers

Hello friends,

today I want to share with you my Top 5 YouTubers. I don’t follow many people on YouTube, but the ones I do are the people who really provide me quality information about the subjects I am interested in.


Sports, free time.

Joined in 2010. 957.004.458 views.

Povezana slikaYouTube Channel managed by a husband and wife Daniel & Kelli. They provide over 550 free full length workout videos which include total body strength workout, cardio, HIIT, stretching etc.

Recommended for:
-People who would like to exercise from home,
-who want to be healthier and get in better shape,
-who want to save money.


Travelling, culture, tips

Joined in 2009. 122.300.729 views.

Rezultat iskanja slik za woltersworld the dont
Wolters World provide quality information about travelling to countries worldwide. The video are about the Best & Worst parts of traveling, my favourite – The Things You Don’t do when you travel and Things You Will Love & Hate.

Recommended for:
-People who like to travel,
-who want to get to know new cultures,
-who want to learn more about countries.

Mimi Ikonn

business, lifestyle

Joined in 2012. 84.282.548 views.

Mimi Ikonn
Mimi Ikonn is a YouTuber, author, and entrepreneur who was born in Baku (Azerbaijan). She co-founded a hair extension company Luxy Hair which has became a multi-million-dollar brand. She is a kind woman and mother, who inspires and motivate women all over the globe.

Recommended for:
-People who want to improve their business or lifestyle,
-women who want more then only beauty reviews,
-women who are looking for inspiration.

Dan Lok

business, money, sales

Joined in 2014. 99.174.961 views.

Rezultat iskanja slik za dan lok

Dan Lok is an example of a poor immigrant boy who became the founder and chairman of several multimillion dollar businesses after failing in 13 times in business. He shares his knowledge and experiences about money and business without any bull****. He is straight to the point and very responsive to his followers on social media.

Recommended for:
-People who want to learn more about business strategies and sales,
-who need motivation,
-who want to learn more about finances and marketing.

Bryan Tracy

business, communication, sales

Joined in 2007. 45.457.833 views

Rezultat iskanja slik za brian tracy
Brian is the most listened to audio author on personal and business success in the world today. He lives what he teaches. He came from a trouble-maker, in a poor family that struggled to pay the bills, to the President and CEO of three multi-million dollar companies based in Solana Beach.

Recommended for:
-People who want to learn more about communication and sales,
-who want to be succesful,
-who want to be more disciplined.

Do you follow any of the above mentioned YouTube Channels?

Let me know which is your favourite YouTuber and why.




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