Hello my dear WordPress family, hope you are all doing well and keeping warm and cosy in this crisp weather. 🙂

Today’s blog is about my biggest indulgence: F O O D.

We visited Maharaja & Himalaya, Indian and Nepali restaurant which is located in our beautiful capital Ljubljana – the largest city of Slovenia.

A good friend of mine Jo had given an idea to have a lunch and spend a Sunday afternoon there. I am extremely fond of diverse cuisine, so I decided to give it a shot. This special occasion was also a celebration of  the Hindu festival of lights Diwali.


Jo brought me a fabulous dress for this special occasion, which was totally Asian style. Thank you dear! I picked my own style and colour 🙂 The design, floral patterns and cosy and yet elegant outfit  amazed me, so I think I will order more.

What do you think about this outfit?



Mango lassi 0,30 l- 3,90 eur


On the left: Pistachios kulfi – Lactic indian pistachios, served cold 3,90 eur. The right side: Gulab jamun – Fried milk balls in sweet syrup 3,90 eur

Restaurant Review

FOOD: 10/10. Delicious cuisine, diverse offer, two diiferent cuisines: Nepalesi and Indian.

SERVICE: The best service in Ljubljana I had. Very kind, professional and helpful. The recommendation of the waiter was good and I also liked the fact, that they made sure we had our space, but they were still attentive.

PRICE: The prices are a bit higher, but is worth the money. If you’re a student, you can also use your student coupons.

LOCATION: The restaurant provides a parking lot for all the guests and it is just in front off the building.

I really loved the delightful atmosphere, kind service and especially delicious food. We will definitely visit it again.

Lots of love,


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