6 Reasons to Visit Prague


Despite crowded city full of tourists, people who visit Prague either for leisure or business get easily excited about beautiful city. Prague is the right choice for explorers, business people or people who just want to relax. If you have small budget you can still have a picnic, enjoy in beautiful park or go for a walk by the river and you can experience the city life.


The river Vltava that goes through the city and pleasant atmosphere won’t leave you indifferent. The best views you get on Charles Bridge, but I recommend you to come in early hours if you want to avoid the crowd (as usual in all capitals).


Despite the fact that Prague is the capital of Czech Republik, the food and drinks are not overpriced. You can decide for cheaper or pricey cuisine, just like in every city. NOTE – Czechs have their own currency – Crona, so do not forget to convert your money before you visit Prague.


If you’re keen or art or architecture you’ll be amazed by the symmetry, ornamental details and religious sculptures. Prague has many splendour places where you can find artpieces from Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Classicism etc. To me it seems llike the city has the soul, because they kept their cultural heritage.


Prague is antique city, but it has also many modern sculptures and buildings. I was fascinated by the sculpture of famous artist Franz Kafka. He was a famous author who wrote novels: The Metamorphosis, Contemplation, Letters to Felice etc.


The city is swarming with people who’re going shopping and taking selfies. Prague has lively city life, you can meet many musicians and artists on the streets, some of them are offering photoshoot with Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie which can be very exciting for kids.

I was in Prague in summer, though I can imagine how wonderful Prague is in winter. I’d love to visit it again.

Have you been to Prague yet? What do you like about this city?



2 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Visit Prague

  1. I have been to Prague several times and I love the city. It is beutiful, it has wide streets and the Hradčani castle looks like taken from fairytale 🙂 We haven’t been there with kids yet, that’s why Prague is on my wishlist. I also like the fact you mentioned – it is affordable. You can enjoy exploring Prague without the fear that you would spend too much. Well it’s always possible to spend too much 🤫 but in Prague it does not happen by default 🙂

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