I’ve always liked to travel to Croatia coast. And honestly, year by year, I get more amazed by its natural wonders, lakes, hills and beaches. Although, one place leads the way and it is called Susak. Susak is a small island in the Adriatic sea, full of sandy bays, cliffs and clean shallow water, which might dazzle everyone who visits Susak. The fact, that it is the only island, made of sand in Croatia, is not the only thing, which makes the wonderful Island so remarkable.


Susak island is indeed a world of its own.

Time stops there due to the tranquil lifestyle and isolation.  The island has only 100 inhabitants, during the season the numbers increase. Locals are very talkative and peaceful. I was surprised how locals appreciate Susak and its environment. An example – A woman told us to use plastic bag at least once more, when we bought bread. So she encouraged us to recycle the bags. Nevertheless, you don’t find many trash on the streets, because people are aware of the importance of cleanliness. Also many workers come during summer and leave when the season changes.


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If you ever see the flag of Croatia and America at the same place – you know you’re in Susak.


Many people who lived on Susak in the past have migrated to the US, especially to New Jersey. Novadays they like to visit Susak as tourists, therefore you can meet many people who speak English.


I’d like to point out, that there are no night clubs on the island. Lack of vivacious night life is an advantage for those, who like to spend their vacation in serenity. Honestly, I didn’t miss any events, live music or party, because I really enjoyed the peacefulness in Susak. We also had fun at night with night swimming.





Sky full of stars, warm water and the sand under my feet.. it felt like a paradise.



If you’re a coffee lover, you can still have a cup of coffee at local bars. We’ve drank most of our morning coffees in a caffe bar “Malonogometni Klub Iseljenika”. The coffee was great and so was the service. If you want to have a drink in the evening, visit Yacht Club Susak. There you can spend the whole night by the beach with your friends. You won’t have hard time to find the bars, because on Susak everything is nearby. It is a small island with only one town Susak.

The “konoba” where I ate the best calamari



I have never tried so delicious calamari as on Susak. Seafood and red wine would be a perfect combination for me. 




Prices are a bit above the average due to the isolation of Susak. There are two grocery stores on Susak with a small offer. If you want some particular foodstuff, you shall bring it with you.


  • You don’t see any car on the streets. Locals drive with tractors.
  • There are no nightclubs.
  • There is only one bakery.

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  • Sandy beaches full of seashells.
  • English is a common language on island.

I would recommend Susak to everyone. It is the small heaven on Earth.

Written by: Anette Grgic



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