It can be hard when it comes to relationships and being single.

What is better than you and your soulmate having a date and forgetting about surrondings? When you have a person, who truly accepts you for  who you are and stands by you no matter what.

Sometimes it is hard to accept, that you’ve been single for so long. If you’re enjoying in being single all the time, than you’re perhaps a lucky one. If not so, continue with this article.


I am not a professional consultant, but I came to know that whether I am single or taken, I should enjoy the very moment in my life, because I do deserve it.

  1. ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE MEAL-ALONE. Treat yourself the way you want your boyfriend would treat you!
  2. USE YOUR SPARE TIME WISELY. Do what you’ve always wanted. Join to that class, learn a language, travel, dance, draw,..
  3. DO NOT BE STINGY TO YOURSELF. You’re all what you have got.
  4. TRAVEL. Try to travel on your own. For a start you might start in a small country, close to yours, so that you feel safer. Just start! As you do, you will see that you will never look back again.
  5. BE AN OPEN PERSON. Give it a shot and meet new people.
  7. MOST OF ALL-always seek for positive, because your life is then so much easier and lighter.

There is no universal rule on how to be happy being single or how to find the right one, but as your life is all you have got, you should make the most of it.



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