ALVERDE COSMETICS Today's blog post is all about beauty and makeup.This time I tested Alverde products which I bought in DM (a drug store in Slovenia). Alverde is the brand with natural cosmetics without parabens, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Read the following review to see which products I used and how it worked out. KOZMETIKA ALVERDE Temi današnje objave sta … Nadaljuj z branjem NATURAL SOFT LOOK



It's all about people. I am so grateful to have good people in my life. This week was awesome because I had so much fun with my loved ones. BIRTHDAY PARTYMy dad was 54 today and we celebrated the special day the whole afternoon. Our relatives came from Zagreb and we had an amazing time … Nadaljuj z branjem WEEKLY REFLECTION

I love books.

When I was a little girl I loved to read. One of the first books I remember was Piki Jakob. Piki was a teddy bear who had a regular life. He went to bear school and studied. He was working, buying groceries and he had to visit a dentist when he had a toothache. Once … Nadaljuj z branjem I love books.

All life-forms, except humans.

Hello my WordPress family.Today I want to share with you quotes written by one of my favourite motivational speakers Jim Rohn.  Even though mr.Rohn passed away in 2009, I still like to watch his seminars and learn from them. He was known as Idaho farm boy who made it to Beverly Hills and became an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker who also … Nadaljuj z branjem All life-forms, except humans.

Challenging Myself

Good evening my WordPress family. Another week has passed. Hope you guys had an awesome week. All the tasks are done, your family is healthy and you're grateful for all of that, because not everybody is as lucky.QUICK MONTHLY REFLECTION: Thankfully, except that I was stressed out over studying and managing my assignments, January was not that … Nadaljuj z branjem Challenging Myself

Love Story

No one really understands the mystery of love.Two hearts unite by enigmatic reasons invisible to an eye. No distance can keep them apart. No obstacle is impassable. When you find a person that accepts you as a whole with all your imperfections. With all your fears. When days seem to pass faster and the day seems brighter. You … Nadaljuj z branjem Love Story

Winter Favourites

Hello my WordPress family. Hope you are all well and keeping warm and cosy in this cold January. Here is something to brighten up this chilly weather. Today I will share with you my winter favourites with a wish that spring will come soon. 🙂 1.RED SHADES   I simply love red shades. They emphasize femininity and … Nadaljuj z branjem Winter Favourites